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  • 所属省份北京
  • 工作地点北京
  • 栏目分类北京高校
  • 招聘人数:若干
  • 报名方式:电子邮件
  • 需求学科(供参考)体育学


Beijing Sport University
BSU: Global Recruitment of High-Level Full-Time Coaches



Sport in China flourishes as the nation thrives, and it grows stronger in the course of opening-up. China is now in its golden period of developing sports cause and building itself into a country strong on sports in the new era. In line with the efforts for progress in the three national strategies of making China a country strong on education and implementing the “Healthy China” campaign, and in response to the needs of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup, BSU is devoted to building itself into a world-class sport university as well as a national high-level talent cultivation base for competitive sports.


With the wind blowing from the right angle, it is time for us to set sail. Challenging the limits of mankind at the arena is your target as well as our ambition. BSU enjoys vigorous driving force for development and it is an ideal place for competitive sports talents to achieve their self-worth. It is definitely a wise choice for global excellent coaches to join BSU and realize dreams together with us.


Don’t let the opportunity slip by. As we have set sail and embarked on our new journey, we are looking forward to having global outstanding coaches join us for a more promising future. We have the space and platform big enough for global elites.


“Always striving to fulfill our mission.” Let’s join hands to create a more brilliant future!Please go to the official website http://www.bsu.edu.cn for more information about BSU

一、 我们需要什么样的人?(I. What kinds of talents we want?


Vacancies: high-level full-time coachessports: various winter sports, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, athletics, handball, hockey, baseball, softball and water polo, etc.













 IOpen to all nationalities. We are committed to building a high-level, diversified and international coach team.

 IIMust have high-level coach qualifications required by related sports.

 IIIYour work experience must meet at least one of the following conditions:

1. Experience in coaching various levels and kinds of national teams in China with remarkable performance.

2. Experience in coaching China’s top-level league sports teamsclubswith remarkable performance.

3. Experience in coaching various levels of national teams of countriesregionsleading in sports with remarkable performance..

4. Experience in coaching world-recognized high-level league clubssports teams, such as the big five football leagues in Europe and NBA, etc., with remarkable performance.

5. Experience as a head coach in leading a team at international competitions, intercontinental competitions and top-level competitions at home and abroad and come out top.

 IVPriority is given to those with experience in a national team or as a professional or high-level athlete.

 VApplicants must be no more than 50 years of agewith possible exceptions for quite outstanding ones, in good health and adapted to the needs of team training and preparations.

二、我们需要您做什么?(II. What do we need you to do ?




1. Cultivate young talents. Help to equip excellent reserve talents of competitive sports with the quality required for higher-level sports teams or pipelines. Train and cultivate youth athletes of different age groups to improve their technique and tactics, record and understand their progress and create an enjoyable and competitive youth training atmosphere.

2. Coach high-level sports teams. Lead various levels of sports teamsclubsof BSU for daily training and win good results in major events at home and abroad.

3. Teach at school. We offer an undergraduate coach experimental class. You will guide the study of 3-5 students of the experiment class as a supervisor, give lessons to undergraduates and postgraduates of the experimental class, give lectures and carry out academic salons.

三、我们能为您提供什么?(III. What do we offer to you?









1. We offer competitive salary package. Salary negotiable.

2. Qualified applicants will be employed as chief experts for the coaching team.

3. All posts will provide generous training funds, training ground and workplace commensurate with the posts.

4. You will enjoy paid vacations according to the international practice.

5. Performance-based rewards will be given by BSU to hard-working and outstanding ones. The rewards can be as high as RMB 1 million each year.

6. We will sign a work contract with you3 years for the first employment termand you will enjoy related welfare of BSU. If policies permit, assistance will be offered in enrolling your children at a high-quality school nearby.

7. If policies permit, excellent coaches can have priority to obtaining a permanent Beijing resident permit and a permanent post after evaluation by BSU at the end of the first employment term.

8. Employment contract is extendable for qualified ones according to BSU’s regulations on post evaluation.

四、如何与我们建立紧密联系?(IV. How to contact us?




有意应聘者,请下载并填写报名表(见附件),将个人简历发送至邮箱(电子邮件主题为应聘岗位+姓名+高校人才网)。邮箱: bsuszk@163.com

联系人: 赵老师

联系电话:(86010- 6298306018910271724

IV. How to contact us?


There is no deadline.


Please send your resume to e-mail: bsuszk@163.comthe subject of the e-mail should be “post + your name+gaoxiaojob”.

Contact person: Zhao Yang

Tel:86 010 - 62983060; 18910271724


We will review your information after receiving your resume. Qualified applicants will receive a call from us to make an appointment for an interview. A video interview may be conducted, if necessary, for those who fail to attend the face-to-face interview in Beijing in time due to nationality or residence outside mainland China.


We believe that human resources are the foundation for development. Recruiting global high-level professional coaches will be a long-term cause throughout BSU’s development. Even if there may not be a suitable post for you for the moment, we will keep your resume in our talent pool as long as you are willing to join us, and you will receive our notice once there is a suitable post for you.